New Fair Housing Education Requirement

Spring 2022

The state legislature has amended RCW 18.85.211 and 18.85.101 which affects what real estate brokers must take for their required education. Broker's renewing in the next 2 years must take a 6 hour fair housing course and new licensees will have the same curriculum in their fundamentals class.

The law changes the requirements to add a 3 hour fair housing course in addition to CORE to be completed every 2 years. As the law in just being implemented, broker's who did not take their fundamentals education after the requirement for fair housing went into effect, must take a 6 hour fair housing class as part of their next renewal. Long story short, any broker's licensed prior to summer 2022 will have to take a 6 hour fair housing class.

For those looking to get a license for the first time, their education will include, starting in July, 6 hours focused on fair housing. The education added to the fundamentals class is the same as the education required for those completing their continuing education. In 2024, it will only be necessary for broker's renewing to complete 3 hours of fair housing education.

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