Elective Package including Required Fair Housing & without Core

All the continuing education essentials for those who have already completed the required 3 hour Core


Package Description

If you've already taken the required Core class, then this is the ideal package for you. It includes the new 6 hour Fair Housing course (required to be completed by June 2023 for all brokers and managing brokers) as well as all of your elective hours in one spot. All courses are Washington State certified to meet your continuing education requirement.

This is the one stop shop to choose the topics you want to study, from Contracts to Listings, or Negotiation and Agency. It's a great way to review or learn a variety of topics in a single renewal.

If you still need your Core hours as well, we recommend you take a look at our Complete Renewal with Core package which includes Core as well.

Included Courses

Washington Real Estate Fair Housing (6.0 hrs) and your choice of:

  • Washington Advanced Real Estate Law (30.0 hrs)
  • Washington Advanced Real Estate Practices (30.0 hrs)
  • Washington Business Management (30.0 hrs)
  • Washington Real Estate Law (30.0 hrs)
  • Washington Real Estate Practices (30.0 hrs)
  • Washington Real Estate Principles (30.0 hrs)
  • Real Estate Finance (27.0 hrs)
  • Listings, Valuations and Negotiations (6.0 hrs)
  • Negotiation Skills and Agency Law (6.0 hrs)
  • Appraisal and Valuation (6.0 hrs)
  • Property Manager Fair Housing Guide (5.0 hrs)
  • Property Management (6.0 hrs)
  • Contracts and Risk Management (6.0 hrs)
  • Common Mistakes (4.0 hrs)
  • Understanding the Mortgage Market (4.0 hrs)
  • Risk Management (3.0 hrs)

Course Preview

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