Complete First Renewal includes your choice of electives

All your requirements in one package!

Package Description

This package meets the requirements for all students renewing for the first time. It includes required Advanced Practices, Real Estate Law, as well as your choice of 30 hours of electives and Core. It is the easy, efficient way to take care of your education.

Included Courses

Washington Real Estate Law* (30.0 hrs), Washington Advanced Real Estate Practices* (30.0 hrs) and Current Issues in Washington Residential Real Estate 2018-2019 (3.0 hrs) and your choice of:

  • Washington Real Estate Principles (30.0 hrs)
  • Property Management Essentials (12.0 hrs)
  • Washington Advanced Real Estate Law (30.0 hrs)
  • Washington Business Management (30.0 hrs)
  • Washington Brokerage Management (30.0 hrs)
  • Washington Real Estate Practices (30.0 hrs)
  • Finance Basics (24.0 hrs)
  • Listings, Valuations and Negotiations (6.0 hrs)
  • Contracts and Risk Management (6.0 hrs)
  • Negotiation Skills and Agency Law (6.0 hrs)
  • Property Manager Fair Housing Guide (5.0 hrs)
  • Understanding the Mortgage Market (4.0 hrs)
  • Common Mistakes (4.0 hrs)
  • Farming VIDEO (3.0 hrs)

Course Preview

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